Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Galle Fort Attractions

Galle Fort - Things to Do

The quaint port city of Galle, with its 400 year old Dutch Fort, is a lovely way to spend some time in Sri Lanka. It is a place where time stood still, preserving a by-gone colonial era.

Here are just a few of the Attractions:
  • Galle Fort built 400 years ago, it is the best preserved European fort in existence in Asia today. A walk through the town and along the ramparts (especially at sunset) is a great way to enjoy Sri Lanka.
  • Amangalla Hotel, previously the New Oriental Hotel, beacons the travel to sit at its balcony and sip tea in the afternoon, or a Gin and Tonic in the evening as the British Raj did in their heyday.
  • Dutch Reformed Church contains numerous tombstones for those adventurous Europeans who died so far away from home. 

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