Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sheer Elegance - Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Silhouettes -Sydney Opera House

Forget the vision of bellowing white sails set against an azure sky. Forget the opulent theaters. Forget the stunning views. All these are the picture postcard impressions we have of the iconic Sydney Opera House in Sydney Australia.


Look around you. Look at sweeping lines. Look at the graceful curves. Look at the subtle and simple elegance of the smallest details of the place. Everything works in unison, with balance, with finesse. 

I was astounded by it sheer elegance of the place especially the often overlooked architectural nuances that permeate through the entire structure. Utzon, its architect, was a genius. Let’s also give credit to those who completed his work and continue his legacy. They together have created a masterpiece.  Completed nearly forty years ago, The Opera House looks as fresh today as if she was opened yesterday. She hasn’t aged.

Here are some random photographs I took last week with my little Point & Shoot camera. I avoided the usual postcard shots. 

Roof Tiles

Lower Level Bar

Roof  Support Beams

Roof line termination

A Bench

Men's Toilet Washbasin

View of Harbor Bridge from Inside

Sails - The opening in the middle sail looks like a

Lines and Curves

Read about the architect Jorn  Utzon